Kerala Rice : Story From Seeds To Sortex Rice

Paddy fields and rice products are part of Kerala culture and geography. Rice is also the staple food of Malayalis. When agriculture was the main livelihood of Kerala people, all of them are aware of the stages of paddy cultivation and production.

Many of Kerala festivals are  celebrated as harvest festivals of rich production and harmony of people.

Best Rice in Kerala are produced through a multi stage process, large scale human labour involved in ancient times is  replaced now by more machinery and automation in paddy cultivation.

Agricultural machines and latest technology help farmers to make the process faster and profitable.

Rice Story From Seeds To Sortex Rice

If anyone  asks you, how your staple food is produced?  you have to answer them. Here is the process of Rice production from seed to packed Sortex Rice.

Pre-planting, Growth and Post Production are the main three stages in Rice formation story.

  • Choose high quality seed from rice varieties available
  • Follow the crop calendar to start farming
  • Prepare land for planting
  • Planting rice seeds or seedlings
  • Water management and Soil fertility
  • Weed and pest management
  • Harvesting
  • Drying,Milling and Processing
  • Removing any impurities using colour sorting machine
  • Sortex Rice is packed and make available in market for sale

A quality rice brand is produced after ensuring that sortex rice meet all the standards for eating without any harmful chemical presence and impurities in it. Make sure you buy best quality rice in Kerala which keep customer satisfaction and industry standards.