appam idiyappam pathiri podi

Appam/Idiyappam/Pathiri Podi

Appam/idiyappam/pathiri are the most adoring breakfasts of malabaris. These healthy dishes are delicious when made with Rani idiyappam/appam/pathiri powder.



Ingredients: Raw Rice


Rani Buds Appam: Ran i Buds Appam Podi- 1 cup, yeast – 1 pinch, coconut milk of ½ coconut, 4 tsp. of dough , water to need, mix the above ingredients into paste and keep it for 10 hours. Add required salt and prepare delicious Appams.

Rani Buds Idiyappam: Add require salt to water and boil pour 1 cup Rani Buds Idiyappam podi slowly to the boiling water stir continuosly for a perfect mix. Knead well to form soft dough. Extrude the drough through sevanazhi, idiyappam steamer and cook till done.

Rani Buda Pathiri: Add ¼ tsp oil abd required salt to a cup (200ml) of water and boil. Sprinkle 1 cup Rani Buds Idiyappam podi slowly to the boiling water. After a minute stir continuously for a perfect mix. Remove from stove and keep it closed. After a minute knead well to form soft dough. Make small balls out of the soft dough and press in a pathiri press. Grill this pathiri without using oil.