Rani Rava comprises the nutritious heart  of the grain, which is left behind when the fine flour is sifted after milling. Rani Rava offers dishes like upma, idli, halwa, kheer with pleasant taste and smooth texture.





Heat oil and splutter 1 tsp of mustard. Add and fry 1 chopped big onion, ½ tsp of Bengal gram dhal. ½ tsp of black gram dhal till golden brown. To that add 1 piece of ginger( chopped), 1 tsp of chopped green chilly,  red chilly 2 numbers and a few curry leaves. Add 2 ½  cups (200ml) of water and and required salt to the prepared mix and allow to boil. Add Rani Buds Rava to it with constrant stirring and cook for 10 minutes. Raisins and cashew nuts can be added.

Storage instructions: Once opened store in an air tight container