rani rasam powder

Rasam Powder

Rani Rasam powder is an aromatic and spicy mixture of ground spices is added while preparing south India’s famous sour and spicy soup which can be served with rice or taken by all itself.



Ingredients: Lentil, coriander, chilli, black pepper, fenugreek, cumin seed, turmeric, salt, asafoetida, dry ginger.

Rani Buds Rasam:

  1. Tomota (medium sized) – 3 (cut into 4)
  2. Dhal – 50 gram
  3. Tamarind – 1 lime size
  4. Water – 7 tea cups
  5. Ranu Buds Rasam Powder – 4 table spoon
  6. Fenugreek – as required
  7. Red Chillies – as required
  8. Mustard- as required
  9. Curry leaves – as required
  10. Salt – to taste


Boil tomatoes, dhal and garlic in 4 tea cups of water. Smash this to a pure and filter through a sieve  to obtain the extract. To this , add in 4 tea spoon of rani buds  rasam powder and bring to boil, season with mustard, fenugreek, red chillies, curry leaves and serve hot.