Pickle Powder : Cook Spicy Pickles

Even though there are around 16-25 dishes in Kerala Sadhya, Ginger pickle is known as the King of  sadhya. Spicy Pickles are that much closer to the hearts of Malayalis and mostly south Indians.

But unlike our grandmas and  mothers we are not familiar with the recipes of making good pickles. So we have to seek the help of pickle powders available in market . Let’s  discuss how to make pickles with pickle powder.

Types of Pickles

  1. Indian Pickles      : Unripe Mangos, Gooseberry,Tamarind,Lemons are used.
  2. Chinese Pickles   : Cabbage, Lettuce,Bitter Melon,Cucumber ,carrot are used.
  3. Korean Pickles     : Kimchi,Oyster are used.
  4. Japanese Pickles  : Eggplant,Radish,Plum,Green Apricot,Soybean are used.
  5. Fresh Pickles         : Peaches,pears and apples are used.

How To Prepare Mango Pickle Using Pickle Powder?

  • Chop unripe Mangos in small cubes, put inside a bowl
  • Add pickle powder and mix well, you can add extra chilli powder if you want more spicy flavour.
  • Heat Oil in pan and crackle mustard seeds
  • Drop crushed curry leaves into pan and fry till crisp
  • Add the Mango cubes into the pan and mix
  • Tasty mango pickle is ready
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You can try this pickle powder for any unripe fruits like lemon,gooseberry,Tamarind etc. Just you have to buy pickle powder and mix with your favorite item. So easily you can cook your quick recipes for meal or dinner.

Pickle powder helps you make pickles of many avatars whenever you wish to eat a spicy pickle.