Rice Grain And The Grandma Story : How To Value Each Rice Grain?
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India is not only a land of variety of food crops but also the land of stories related to each and every thing. 

Grandmas in house are the main presenters of all these fictional and real  moral stories which helps the grand kids to memorize the basic things of life very easily.

Now Rice manufacturers in India are handling the process of transporting rice from paddy field to our kitchen for cooking. 

But the grandma story of rice grain is quite interesting ,let’s learn How to value each rice grain?

In the grandmas story ,when the grains of rice were ripe, they just fell down on their own and went rolling into the village. Once , an old woman and her daughter were building a storehouse for rice. A big grain of rice came rolling in , before the building was ready. The old woman was already tired of hard work.

She became angry when she saw the grain of rice rolling down to her incomplete storehouse. She kicked the rice and said” Could you not wait in the field till we were ready? Why do you keep running after us?”

The grain of rice broke into thousands of pieces and said ” We have always been kind to you. We give you food to eat. We make things easy for you so we come to you ourselves .But in addition you kick us. 

From now on, we will not come to you. You will have to come and gather us. You will have to cook and eat a lot of grains of rice to fill your stomach.”

If you kick a rice grain which came before us , you will lose your chance of getting food easily. So always value rice grain, not because of this fancy story because there are many who starve for getting rice grains .