Traditional Rice Flakes : How To Prepare Tasty Snack?
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New generation kids love  instant packet food like Maggi and Yippee for their snack menu but excess use of these foods are unhealthy. Traditional Rice flakes are the best healthy food which can be prepared with yummy taste quickly for an evening snack.

Even though Rice flakes lack attractive video advertisements and promotions by sellers, they are the easiest food we can prepare with least expense.

How To prepare Rice Flake Dish ?

  • Add Rice flakes , grated coconut and grated jaggery  in to a bowl.
  • Mix them well and crush jaggery ,also add water or coconut milk for softening the Rice flakes.
  • Put some crushed cardamom seed for extra taste
  • Healthy Rice flake is ready

Advantages of Rice Flake

  • Fresh homely food
  • No cooking needed
  • Sweet food which every one like to eat
  • Light and healthy
  • Best combination with ripened banana
  • Less expensive  and anyone can make

Nowadays no need to manual flaking of rice, many sellers provide rice flakes as packed food products. Some of them even provide Red Aval packets, which is made from Chemba rice.

Let’s think how brilliant our predecessors, they have created so much tasty dishes that can be easily prepared without any oven or cooking gas but fills the sudden appetite.

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Some of the great recipes are the byproduct of famine and poor economic conditions in the family, rice flakes were one such evening snack in most of the homes .

New shops have a lot more mind grabbing food packets for children,but the wise parents who tasted rice flakes will surely recommend these healthy food for their kids. Develop the habit of eating  healthy food at home and ensure your kids nutritious growth.