Top Rice Manufacturers In India : Rice Quality Testing
Rice industries in kerala

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort. So when you improve quality you automatically improve your productivity. 

Top rice manufacturers  in India focus on increasing the quality of rice through quality rice  testing machines. Amvicube Paddy Analyser PA – 200 is such a paddy scanner developed by a rice miller in Raichur Karnataka. 

The scanner works on the principle of absorption and reflection technology, which analyse the paddy for its length, width and percentage of broken rice without removing husk.

Top Rice Quality Testing Machines

Accurate identification of broken rice and other impurities is very important in fixing the quality and price of sortex rice.

rice manufacturers in kerala
  1. Rice Paddy Polisher Test Machine
  2. Plastic Moisture Analyser Paper Meter
  3. Thickness Grader
  4. Rice Length Grader
  5. Testing Dryer
  6. Handy Moisture Meter
  7. Milling Degree Test Kit
  8. Rice Milling Meter

Best rice manufacturers in Kerala, allow their rice product to pass through all major rice quality test to ensure they provide a premium product of rice to their customers. 

We are seeing many adulteration news in channels, but we don’t know about the authenticity of all such promotional new in world of high competition. 

So the only way to  determine the quality of rice brands is to test the rice grains under certified laboratories. Let’s have a good healthy meal from best rice.