Best Sorted Rice Seller In India : How Rice Is Sorted?
Best sorted rice seller in india

Which brand is providing us the best sorted rice?

When we buy rice from some shops it was common that we get small pieces of  stones in it, and we all have a bad time cracking with stones while eating rice.

Now time has changed and sorting machines are developed ,which will remove any kind of impurities that can harm digestion or health. Best sorted rice sellers in India are very keen in ensuring the quality of rice as 100 percent pure.

How Rice Is Sorted?

  1. Paddy Cleaning: Rough rice is passed through a series of sieves and closed circuit aspiration system is provided to remove dust and light impurities through air suction method.
  2. Paddy Dehusking: Husk is separated from brown rice by a closed circuit aspiration system.
  3. Paddy Separation: Separate  brown rice from paddy through paddy separator.
  4. Rice Grading: Broken rice is removed from whole grain by passing through a cylindrical indented screen rotating at particular speed.
  5. Rice Colour Sorting: Discoloured  rice grains are removed off from the like coloured grains by rice colour sorting machines.

We get rice for eating after all these sorting process. In good olden days of Kerala there were men and women process the paddy through manual labour . And there were also many folk songs chanted by the people to reduce the stress of hard jobs.

Technology and time has replaced all those traditions ,rituals and festivals related to paddy harvesting. Folk songs got promotions to cultural events and programms to entertain foreign guests.

Even though it’s a matter of happiness that all advertisements and brands still focus on paddy fields and labourers in mud than gigantic machinery to sell rice products.

We have to thank sorted rice sellers in India for never forgetting the roots of business like paddy field and labourers.