Red Rice : Helps In Controlling Diabetes
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But have you ever thought of the red rice, which helps in controlling your body insulin level?

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How Red Rice Helps In controlling Diabetes?

Research team of rice companies in Kerala, says that “ Red rice contains antioxidants and magnesium which helps in controlling many diseases.”

Best rice manufacturers in kerala
  1. The low glycemic  index of red rice helps in controlling the sugar level.
  2. Iron content in red rice can help in the consumption of oxygen in the blood which make you feel energetic.
  3. Red rice is a great source of fibre, so it helps in digestion and ease bowel movement. 
  4. Reduce the chance of bad cholesterol, so we can enjoy red rice meal without the fear of diseases.
  5. Control your weight, the bran in  red rice makes you satisfied after a normal meal and you can watch your weight without exceeding.
  6. Presence of component Anthocyanin, makes red rice colorful.
Rice companies in kerala

Red rice khichdi is a famous Indian dish made from red rice. In Kerala red rice is known as Njavara rice and there are special Njavara rice medicinal treatments in Ayurveda. Now best rice manufacturers in Kerala, introduced red rice to customers along with popular sorted brown rice and white rice