Wheat Production Companies : Know Famous Wheat Brands
Best wheat flour brand in india

Do you know which are the famous wheat brands in India? Or In which state  wheat is produced largely?

In India Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of wheat, Punjab , Haryana and Madhya Pradesh follows UP in wheat production.  Wheat production companies in India produce different popular brands according to their quality and demand.

Wheat is mostly consumed by Northern and Northwestern states of India. As the second largest populous country in the world India is the largest producer and consumer of wheat.

Wheat flour mills in kerala

Wheat Types Produced In India

Mainly three varieties of wheats are grown in India. Even though UP is the largest wheat producer, Punjab tops in wheat productivity with 4491 Kg  per hectare.

  1. T.aestivum or Bread wheat : Most commonly grown wheat
  2. T.durum or  Macaroni/Pasta wheat : Grown in MP, Maharashtra,Punjab and Rajasthan
  3. T.dicoccum or Emmer: Very less compared to other varieties

Balanced Food Brand

Rich in Protein, Vitamin and Carbohydrates wheat provides a balanced diet to millions of people in India. Wheat crop cultivation in India has a long history of 5000 years  from the Mohenjo Daro civilization period onwards. 

Currently with a production of 87 million tonnes, India is the second largest producer of wheat in the world after China.

Flour, Bread and Semolina are the byproducts of wheat. Wheat flour is a good source of fibre and semolina is the end product  from the milling of durum wheat. 

High quality durum semolina is used for making pasta like spaghetti.

Ashirvad, Lakshmi Bhog, Pillsbury, Pathanjali ,Rani are some of the famous wheat brands in India.

Best Sorted Rice Seller In India : How Rice Is Sorted?
Best sorted rice seller in india

Which brand is providing us the best sorted rice?

When we buy rice from some shops it was common that we get small pieces of  stones in it, and we all have a bad time cracking with stones while eating rice.

Now time has changed and sorting machines are developed ,which will remove any kind of impurities that can harm digestion or health. Best sorted rice sellers in India are very keen in ensuring the quality of rice as 100 percent pure.

How Rice Is Sorted?

  1. Paddy Cleaning: Rough rice is passed through a series of sieves and closed circuit aspiration system is provided to remove dust and light impurities through air suction method.
  2. Paddy Dehusking: Husk is separated from brown rice by a closed circuit aspiration system.
  3. Paddy Separation: Separate  brown rice from paddy through paddy separator.
  4. Rice Grading: Broken rice is removed from whole grain by passing through a cylindrical indented screen rotating at particular speed.
  5. Rice Colour Sorting: Discoloured  rice grains are removed off from the like coloured grains by rice colour sorting machines.

We get rice for eating after all these sorting process. In good olden days of Kerala there were men and women process the paddy through manual labour . And there were also many folk songs chanted by the people to reduce the stress of hard jobs.

Technology and time has replaced all those traditions ,rituals and festivals related to paddy harvesting. Folk songs got promotions to cultural events and programms to entertain foreign guests.

Even though it’s a matter of happiness that all advertisements and brands still focus on paddy fields and labourers in mud than gigantic machinery to sell rice products.

We have to thank sorted rice sellers in India for never forgetting the roots of business like paddy field and labourers.

Traditional Rice Flakes : How To Prepare Tasty Snack?
Top rice manufactures in India

New generation kids love  instant packet food like Maggi and Yippee for their snack menu but excess use of these foods are unhealthy. Traditional Rice flakes are the best healthy food which can be prepared with yummy taste quickly for an evening snack.

Even though Rice flakes lack attractive video advertisements and promotions by sellers, they are the easiest food we can prepare with least expense.

How To prepare Rice Flake Dish ?

  • Add Rice flakes , grated coconut and grated jaggery  in to a bowl.
  • Mix them well and crush jaggery ,also add water or coconut milk for softening the Rice flakes.
  • Put some crushed cardamom seed for extra taste
  • Healthy Rice flake is ready

Advantages of Rice Flake

  • Fresh homely food
  • No cooking needed
  • Sweet food which every one like to eat
  • Light and healthy
  • Best combination with ripened banana
  • Less expensive  and anyone can make

Nowadays no need to manual flaking of rice, many sellers provide rice flakes as packed food products. Some of them even provide Red Aval packets, which is made from Chemba rice.

Let’s think how brilliant our predecessors, they have created so much tasty dishes that can be easily prepared without any oven or cooking gas but fills the sudden appetite.

Best rice companies in south india

Some of the great recipes are the byproduct of famine and poor economic conditions in the family, rice flakes were one such evening snack in most of the homes .

New shops have a lot more mind grabbing food packets for children,but the wise parents who tasted rice flakes will surely recommend these healthy food for their kids. Develop the habit of eating  healthy food at home and ensure your kids nutritious growth.

Top Rice Manufacturers In India Says,Why Rice Is Global Staple Food?

More than half of the world population consume rice as their staple food according to top rice manufacturers in India. Asia accounts for 90% of rice consumption where in Africa and Latin American rice is the fastest growing food staple.

For about 520 million people in Asia, most of them middle class,poor or very poor, rice provides 50% of their caloric supply.

India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Laos are the asian countries mostly consume rice. These higher rate of consumption makes rice as a global staple food.

Best rice manufactures in kerala

Why Rice Is A Global Staple Food?

  • In developed countries and regions like US and European union,rice consumption is high due to high asian immigration to those countries.
  • Researchers say global demand for milled rice will increase to 469 million tons in 2020.
  • In developing countries rice availability is equated with food security and closely related to political stability.
  • When every one billion people are added to the world population,100 million tonnes of more rice needed to be produced annually.

Best Rice companies in South India are expanding their product list and rice markets globally to meet the rice demands and serving the premium quality rice to all consumers including, kids,women and patients.

As Auguste Esscoffier ,famous French chef said “ Rice is the best, the most nutritive and unquestionably  the most widespread staple in the world”

Let the rice bowls become plenty to serve the global needs of hungry people around the world. More rice companies providing quality rice grains may arrive to the food market and have some healthy competition for the best quality rice.

Best Rice Manufacturers In Kerala : How To Know Quality?
rice companies in kottayam

For the people of Kerala ,not only in case of apparels and electronic gadgets they look for a quality brand but also in choosing best rice manufacturers in Kerala they are keen on selecting top rice brands. Mostly Eastern and southern states of India have rice as their staple food.

Most Popular Rice Varieties in South India

  • Polished White Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Palakkadan Matta Rice
  • Biryani/Basmati Rice
  • Black Rice(Kavuni Arisi)

How to know the quality is an important factor in choosing  the best rice brand in Kerala? Here are some of the tips to check the quality of rice.

How to Know Rice Quality?

The quality of a rice brand can be determined both by the physical and chemical properties of rice grains.

  1. Length ,width and uniformity of rice
  2. Head Rice Yield
  3. Whiteness and translucence
  4. Chalks and Cracks
  5. Flavor and Aroma
  6. Texture of cooked rice
  7. Amylose content,viscosity
  8. Gelatinisation Temperature

Firmness and stickiness are the influencing factor for selecting quality rice brand. The amylose content determines the rice firmness and stickiness. Chalks and cracks decrease the cooking quality of grain. Rice with low gelatinisation temperature cooks to be a softer texture.

Best sorted rice sellers in India, ensure no foreign materials,stones ,dirt and other moisture content with packed grains. Always choose the best rice you feel good.

Mutton Masala Powder : How To Make The Most Popular Mutton Dishes In India?
Best masala manufacturers in india

In India every state have their own taste and recipe for making a dish. Even though mutton masala is added to all mutton curries, the taste may differ from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Here are the most popular Mutton Dishes in India

  1. Laal Maas – Rajasthan
  2. Kosha Mangsho – Bengali
  3. Gongura Mamsam– Andhra
  4. Mutton Korma – Mughlai
  5. Kashmiri Yakhni – Persian
  6. Mutton Stew – Kerala
  7. Kuzhambu – Tamil Nadu
  8. Sali Boti – Parsi
  9. Pasanda – Uttar Pradesh
  10. Rogan Josh – Kashmiri

In some cultures it is considered as an offence,if one is invited for a meal and not served a mutton curry regardless of other dishes prepared on the table.

Best curry powder companies in kerala

How To Prepare Kerala Mutton Stew?

In Kerala wedding ceremony receptions mostly have Appam and Mutton Stew as a starter food. Spices like Cloves,Cardamom,Cinnamon,Ginger and black peppers are used in preparing Kerala style Mutton Stew. The delicate flavored dish uses mutton masala powders to make the meat more spicy.

Chettinad Mutton Kuzhambu From Tamil Nadu

The spicy non veg dish of Tamil Nadu , Mutton Kuzhambu is a popular  dish served with idiyappam,paratha or rice. Fennel Seeds, Cardamom,Cinnamon,Pepper corns, Star Anise  and grated coconut spice up the Chettinadu flavored Mutton Kuzhambu.

If you have not tasted the new Mutton flavors,try all these popular Mutton recipes.

Kerala Rice : Story From Seeds To Sortex Rice

Paddy fields and rice products are part of Kerala culture and geography. Rice is also the staple food of Malayalis. When agriculture was the main livelihood of Kerala people, all of them are aware of the stages of paddy cultivation and production.

Many of Kerala festivals are  celebrated as harvest festivals of rich production and harmony of people.

Best Rice in Kerala are produced through a multi stage process, large scale human labour involved in ancient times is  replaced now by more machinery and automation in paddy cultivation.

Agricultural machines and latest technology help farmers to make the process faster and profitable.

Rice Story From Seeds To Sortex Rice

If anyone  asks you, how your staple food is produced?  you have to answer them. Here is the process of Rice production from seed to packed Sortex Rice.

Pre-planting, Growth and Post Production are the main three stages in Rice formation story.

  • Choose high quality seed from rice varieties available
  • Follow the crop calendar to start farming
  • Prepare land for planting
  • Planting rice seeds or seedlings
  • Water management and Soil fertility
  • Weed and pest management
  • Harvesting
  • Drying,Milling and Processing
  • Removing any impurities using colour sorting machine
  • Sortex Rice is packed and make available in market for sale

A quality rice brand is produced after ensuring that sortex rice meet all the standards for eating without any harmful chemical presence and impurities in it. Make sure you buy best quality rice in Kerala which keep customer satisfaction and industry standards.

How to make Payasam? : Rice Payasam for Evening

People of Kerala celebrate special and happy moments by preparing payasam at home. They celebrate such moments through sharing it with relatives and neighbors. Sweet payasam can be prepared from many food products like Rice, Peas, Semiya, Jackfruit, lentils etc.

How to make Rice Payasam?

Among Kerala food lovers there is a proverb, if we can wait until the food get cooked, we can also wait for food to become cool enough to eat. To prepare a tasty payasam, a lot of patience and work is needed along with cooking. Ingredients must be added properly for both taste and flavor.

Rice Payasam Ingredients

Rice Payasam is a traditional sweet pudding made of Rice, Milk, Ghee and Nuts. In North India this dish is called Rice Kheer.

  •      Four cup of Milk
  •     Half cup of Rice
  •      Around 4 Green Cardamom
  •      One cup of Jaggery
  •      Two Tablespoon of Ghee


Step 1: Wash rice several times and soak it in water

Step 2: Boil the Milk

Step 3: Another pan add grated Jaggery and boil it with water till it becomes sticky

Step 4: Add rice to the boiling milk stir it well.

Step 5: Turn off the stove and add Jaggery and cardamom into it.

Step 6: Heat ghee, fry the nuts and raisins till it becomes brownish. Add it to flavor the rice payasam.

Step 7: Serve the payasam hot or cool.

Traditional people believed serving good food is the best way to impress anyone effectively. Rice Payasam is used as a blessed food in many Temples. Always depend on quality rice brand in Kerala for preparing rice payasam.


Pepper Powder : Prepare Tasty Indian Recipes
Best curry powder companies in kerala

Black Pepper is something inevitable for preparing spicy Indian Recipes. In the medieval period most valuable items were referred by French, using the saying ”As Dear as Pepper”.

History and origin of Pepper dated back to BC, in the Epic Mahabharata also there were mentioning of feasts which included meat flavored with black pepper.

The origin of Pepper is believed to be from western Ghats Area of Kerala in India.  The hot,pungent,woody and sharp taste of black pepper keeps food menus mouthwatering and better preserved for more days.

You can buy natural black pepper powder from Kerala Spice markets where a wide variety and grades of black pepper is available.

Masala manufactures in india

Unknown Uses Of Black Pepper Powder

  • Face Scrub : Make  homemade face scrub by mixing together a cup of sugar, half a cup of coconut or avocado oil, a few drops or orange essential oil and half a teaspoon of ground black pepper. Massage the mixture into your face and rinse with cool water.
  • Laundry : Simply sprinkle half a teaspoon of ground black pepper powder  in with your laundry, along with regular detergent . Run the washing machine as usual, and the pepper will drain away with the water. Pepper keep the colour of your clothes bright without fading.
  • Pest Control : Avoid the trouble of ants, snail or slug in the vegetable garden by sprinkling some pepper powder in the soil.

Black Pepper is very useful for digestion, gas and bloating problems etc.  Also pepper corns boiled in water along with basil leaves will relieve chest congestion and asthematic conditions.

Malabar Garbled and Tellicherry Extra Bold are the two celebrated spice varieties in Kerala. Pepper plays as one of the four spices in ‘Garam Masala’ which is the secret tasty powder for most of the Indian food dishes.

Have a good spicy food with pepper powder, the black gold of Kerala.

Chakki Fresh Atta : How To Make Healthy Family Food?
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What you mean by Chakki Fresh Atta?

In advertisements we all see various wheat  brands mentioning about it and the audience who are attracted towards the animation or celebrity model who advertise never go deep into the meaning.

Actually ‘Chakki Atta’ is ground wheat without any addition or subtraction of any other materials. Also the word chakki derives from the name of traditional Indian wheat grinding machine, where wheat is  grinded between two stone plates. Earlier family women will rotate the stone and grind the wheat to produce more natural ‘Atta’.

Now you can buy chakki fresh atta as packed products from the market, the process of wheat grinding is changed from stone plate chakk to large flour mills which can grind tones of wheat at a time.

rice companies in kottayam

How To Make Healthy Family Food From Natural Atta?

  • Roti/Chapati or Paratha are the most popular fast breads made from natural atta. They are nourishing ,healthy and filling.
  • Masala Puri with whole wheat flour atta perked up with spices is a popular Gujarathi breakfast.
  • Aloo Paratha and Gobi Paratha are famous punjabi food made from natural atta and served with white butter,pickle or lassie.

Wheat food recipes are more fibrous which improves body metabolism  and control obesity. Wheat Atta is a healthier food item for those who are suffering from diabetic or cholesterol issues.

Even though Kerala is famous for rice flour food products, now many are shifting their habits to chakki fresh atta productsh for easiness and to maintain health problems.

As George Bernard Shaw said, there is no sincere love than the love for food. Let’s love good healthy food products for preparing more love spreading recipes.