Brown Rice : How To Prevent Bugs In rice?
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In Malayalam there is a proverb ancient people used to say “Mouse will come even from Wayand  If there is rice in the granary“.  

It is more difficult to prevent rice from the attack of mouse or bugs when they are stored in house or big rice granaries. 

Brown rice sellers in Kottayam says that the rice companies have professional ways to safeguard rice from such natural food attacks.

How To Prevent Bugs In Rice ?

The bugs lay eggs on the crop and when these are harvested, eggs end up in the rice packets which are undetectable with naked eyes. 

After sometime the eggs hatch and you can see the bugs. Here are some of the steps to prevent bugs from rice.

Brown rice sellers in Kottayam
  1. Keep the rice in airtight containers as soon as you bring rice from store to home. Humidity can attract bugs so make the container dried perfectly before placing rice grains on it.
  2. Place the containers in the freezer for at least a week which will kill the eggs or larvae already in it.
  3. Put 2-3 bay leaves in the container, they are effective in keeping away the bugs.
  4. You can also use bug repellent chalk available in market and draw circles around the container.
  5. Sprinkle crushed pepper or pepper spray on nearby opening and holes to prevent mouse.
  6. Put mothballs or cotton balls soaked in olive oil on drawers and shelves to control rats.
  7. Finely woven bamboo mats can be set on the grounds and walls  to create an airtight compartment for storing of grains in large granaries which make no space for rats to enter over grains.
rice manufacturers in Kerala
Lots of Rice Weevil Bugs Hiding in Rice, destroyed rice

The most important thing is to maintain hygiene of the storage environment of rice and they have to be properly checked and cleaned by storage staff of rice granaries.

Recently there was a fake news report in social media about  rice grains are wasted in a godown which are donated for flood affected people. Actually they were rice stored for disposing as the government found them unusable. 

Unfortunately many  rice manufacturers in Kerala  were threatened by popular media houses by reporting raids on rice disposal godowns and creating a bad impression among the people about the quality of rice.

As a customer, buy best rice brands in kerala which you feels tastier and healthier than following the news gossips which have the life for an hour.