Top Rice Manufacturers In India Says,Why Rice Is Global Staple Food?

More than half of the world population consume rice as their staple food according to top rice manufacturers in India. Asia accounts for 90% of rice consumption where in Africa and Latin American rice is the fastest growing food staple.

For about 520 million people in Asia, most of them middle class,poor or very poor, rice provides 50% of their caloric supply.

India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Laos are the asian countries mostly consume rice. These higher rate of consumption makes rice as a global staple food.

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Why Rice Is A Global Staple Food?

  • In developed countries and regions like US and European union,rice consumption is high due to high asian immigration to those countries.
  • Researchers say global demand for milled rice will increase to 469 million tons in 2020.
  • In developing countries rice availability is equated with food security and closely related to political stability.
  • When every one billion people are added to the world population,100 million tonnes of more rice needed to be produced annually.

Best Rice companies in South India are expanding their product list and rice markets globally to meet the rice demands and serving the premium quality rice to all consumers including, kids,women and patients.

As Auguste Esscoffier ,famous French chef said “ Rice is the best, the most nutritive and unquestionably  the most widespread staple in the world”

Let the rice bowls become plenty to serve the global needs of hungry people around the world. More rice companies providing quality rice grains may arrive to the food market and have some healthy competition for the best quality rice.