Chakki Fresh Atta : How To Make Healthy Family Food?
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What you mean by Chakki Fresh Atta?

In advertisements we all see various wheat  brands mentioning about it and the audience who are attracted towards the animation or celebrity model who advertise never go deep into the meaning.

Actually ‘Chakki Atta’ is ground wheat without any addition or subtraction of any other materials. Also the word chakki derives from the name of traditional Indian wheat grinding machine, where wheat is  grinded between two stone plates. Earlier family women will rotate the stone and grind the wheat to produce more natural ‘Atta’.

Now you can buy chakki fresh atta as packed products from the market, the process of wheat grinding is changed from stone plate chakk to large flour mills which can grind tones of wheat at a time.

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How To Make Healthy Family Food From Natural Atta?

  • Roti/Chapati or Paratha are the most popular fast breads made from natural atta. They are nourishing ,healthy and filling.
  • Masala Puri with whole wheat flour atta perked up with spices is a popular Gujarathi breakfast.
  • Aloo Paratha and Gobi Paratha are famous punjabi food made from natural atta and served with white butter,pickle or lassie.

Wheat food recipes are more fibrous which improves body metabolism  and control obesity. Wheat Atta is a healthier food item for those who are suffering from diabetic or cholesterol issues.

Even though Kerala is famous for rice flour food products, now many are shifting their habits to chakki fresh atta productsh for easiness and to maintain health problems.

As George Bernard Shaw said, there is no sincere love than the love for food. Let’s love good healthy food products for preparing more love spreading recipes.