How to make Payasam? : Rice Payasam for Evening

People of Kerala celebrate special and happy moments by preparing payasam at home. They celebrate such moments through sharing it with relatives and neighbors. Sweet payasam can be prepared from many food products like Rice, Peas, Semiya, Jackfruit, lentils etc.

How to make Rice Payasam?

Among Kerala food lovers there is a proverb, if we can wait until the food get cooked, we can also wait for food to become cool enough to eat. To prepare a tasty payasam, a lot of patience and work is needed along with cooking. Ingredients must be added properly for both taste and flavor.

Rice Payasam Ingredients

Rice Payasam is a traditional sweet pudding made of Rice, Milk, Ghee and Nuts. In North India this dish is called Rice Kheer.

  •      Four cup of Milk
  •     Half cup of Rice
  •      Around 4 Green Cardamom
  •      One cup of Jaggery
  •      Two Tablespoon of Ghee


Step 1: Wash rice several times and soak it in water

Step 2: Boil the Milk

Step 3: Another pan add grated Jaggery and boil it with water till it becomes sticky

Step 4: Add rice to the boiling milk stir it well.

Step 5: Turn off the stove and add Jaggery and cardamom into it.

Step 6: Heat ghee, fry the nuts and raisins till it becomes brownish. Add it to flavor the rice payasam.

Step 7: Serve the payasam hot or cool.

Traditional people believed serving good food is the best way to impress anyone effectively. Rice Payasam is used as a blessed food in many Temples. Always depend on quality rice brand in Kerala for preparing rice payasam.