Masala Dosas : Malayalis Dearest Hotel Food

Indian coffee house and it’s special masala dosas are one of the dearest hotel food of Malayalis.

Even in popular tamil restaurants most selling food item is masala dosas, and that may be the reason masala dosas got a significant place in the list of foods we must eat before die.

Masala manufacturers in Kerala , says that Keralites are spicy food lovers. So they are interested and attracted towards any new masala powder experiments. 

Food experts opinion that only South Indians add a huge amount of spice powders in addition to the particular recipe of masala powders. Malayalis even add green chilli and pepper for taste and garnish.

Masala Dosa : Varieties 

Just like the unique Indian Coffee House masala dosas, there are many varieties you might have not heard yet. Let’s check some of them.

Paper Masala Dosa

Mysore Masala Dosa

Madras Special Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa

MTR Masala Dosa

In earlier days we Malayalis mostly preferred a vegetarian food for breakfast and dinner ,masala dosas thus have a significant role in becoming our dearest hotel food.

Now people are changed and malayalis switched their food habits to non vegetarian recipes including chinese and Arabian forgetting our healthy Indian cuisines.

Masala manufacturers in Kerala, find out that the excess use of non vegetarian foods and lack of exercise results in poor health condition of malayalis. 

So have a good and simple food for the day than heavy junk recipes most of the time.