Onam : Enjoy Kerala’s Traditional Feast
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Malayalis have a habit to boast in the name of Onam meals they eat every year, like i have eaten more onam than you.

Festival of onam is celebrated with different floral decorations and funny games with lots of tasty dishes including snacks and payasam.

Rice manufacturers in Kerala, says that the demand for rice will be high during the onam season. Many organizations and catering units purchase brown rice in bulk quantities for preparing tasty onam sadhya.

Kerala’s Traditional Feast : Onam Sadhya

Kerala people celebrate Onam  in connection with the culture of the place they are living and the artforms popular in their hometown. Onam Sadhya also differs in many places with the dishes people make for the onam meal.

Brown rice sellers in Kottayam observe that , people of Northern districts in Kerala have their malabar style onam sadhya with non veg dishes like meat or chicken.

Common Dishes In Onam Sadhya

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  1. Upperi
  2. Sharkara Varatti
  3. Manga Curry
  4. Naranga Curry
  5. Erissery
  6. Pulissery
  7. Kalan
  8. Olan
  9. Pachadi 
  10. Inchi Curry
  11. Parippu
  12. Sambar
  13. Avial
  14. Pappadam
  15. Moru Kachiyathu
  16. Kichady 
  17. Rasam
  18. Ghee
  19. Koottu Curry
  20. Thoran
  21. Poovan Pazham
  22. Palada Payasam
  23. Parippu Payasam
  24. Vella Moru
  25. Rice
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Onam sadhya got a highlight in the historic time just because the economic situation of common people were not so good. Mostly their meals are poor with one or two dishes or green chilly as the taste maker to rice gruel.

Farmers of Kerala celebrated onam as a harvest festival of richness and good food to eat.

Brown rice sellers in Kottayam

Now people have food varieties readily available on their table every day for mid day meal. So nowadays onasadya is celebrated as family or friends get together over a vegetarian meal  in central and southern Kerala.

Buy best brown rice for your onam meals and have a splendid onam sadhya with three  kinds of tasty payasam.