Popular Aromatic Rice Varieties By Rice Manufacturers In India
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Aromatic rice is one of the most popular rice varieties in India. Basmati rice and Jasmine rice are the aromatic rice varieties known to everyone according to the rice manufacturers in India.

The presence of chemical compound 2 – acetyl- 1 – Pyrroline cause the nut like aroma in rice. Let’s see the popular aromatic rice varieties 

Popular Aromatic Rice Varieties 

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  1. Ambemohar :  Beautiful aroma of mango blossoms, rice grain is grown in Maharashtra.
  2. Mullan Kazhama: Unconventional taste and aroma, fragrant rice from wayanad which is delicious in Paal Payasam and Malabar Biriyani.
  3. Gobindo Bhog : Widely used for the auspicious offerings, Pujas and Festivals. A special grained fragrant rice from West Bengal.
  4. Seeraga Samba : Much loved rice in Tamil Nadu, and is the common ingredient of Dindigul Biriyani and Ambur Biryani.
  5. Mushk Budji : Grown in Kashmir Valleys.
  6. Chak Hao : Black rice grown in the hills of Manipur.
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Nothing is more memorable than smell when it comes to food. So enjoy these aromatic rice varieties of India along with the common basmati and Jasmine rice.

Rice manufacturers in India are conducting campaigns to popularize the aromatic rice varieties along with popular rice brands.