Kottayam Special Food Products : Rani Rice Through Kottayam Tastes
rice companies in kottayam

When Kottayam district is celebrating 70th birthday  this July first , it will be interesting to walk through the unique food tastes of Kottayam. 

Rice companies in Kottayam showcase the variety of Kottayam cuisines that have become popular in   the land of letters.

Kottayam Special Food Products

  1. Churuttu : A sweet and delicate filling with a crispy exterior. Consumed across the state as a dessert evening snack made with roasted rice powder and coconut.
  2. Fish Curry made with KudamPuli : Extremely tasty and spicy Kottayam style fish curry made with Kudampuli is a weakness for many food lovers.
  3. Kuzhalappam : Typical syrian christian dish, which is a fried crisp curled up like a tube made with rice flour.
  4.  Achappam : Made using specially designed irons mould. Rice flour, coconut milk, sugar and eggs are mixed together to form a semi thick batter that is fried.
  5.  Beef Ularthiyathu: Spicy aromatic Beef  fry masala with coconut bites and curry leaves is a special cuisine of Kottayam feasts.
  6. Pidi And Chicken Curry: A traditional Knanaya recipe, Pidi is made of roasted rice flour. The chicken curry is also specially prepared by adding coconut milk to the masala and it has a delicious taste of Kottayam food.
  7. Karimeen Pollichathu: Taste of Kottayam comprises of both fish and meat dishes. Hot spicy karimeen pollichathu is a mouth watering fish fry you can taste in Kottayam.  Fish fry wrapped in banana leaves adds an extra flavor.

Once you visit Kottayam ,you won’t be disappointed having a normal food. Here you have all varieties of foods with some unique Kottayam tastes successfully experimented by great women chefs like Mammy cheduthi and Mrs K. M .Mathew.