Rice Companies In Kottayam: Health Benefits Of Matta Rice

Used in a wide variety of foods in Kerala , Palakkadan Matta Rice is popular rice brand. Matta Rice variety is grown in dense black cotton soil found in Kerala and Karnataka.

Yellowish red grains of rice possess their own unique flavour and taste. Let’s see the health benefits of Matta Rice suggested by rice experts of rice companies in Kottayam.  

Health Benefits Of Matta Rice 

  1. Nutrients Rich
  2. Source of Vitamin A and B
  3. Satisfies your daily fibre requirements
  4. Best source of Magnesium and Calcium
  5. Reduces risk of certain diseases
  6. Slow Absorption of Carbohydrates
  7. Decrease risk of diabetes
  8. Controls Blood Pressure

Palakkadan Matta rice is more nutritious than white rice  because the outer layer of Matta rice contain more nutrients and it is not lost.

Cultivation Of Matta Rice

The paddy fields used for Matta Rice cultivation are called Poonthalpadam as the soil contains a lot of clay and silt. And these paddy fields can retain a lot of water which is good for paddy cultivation.

The rice was earlier the choice of Chola and Chera royal families, as it was more expensive poor sections of society had no access to this rice variety.

Actually this  red rice was invented in China, but now  this rice brand is the most popular among Kerala for making meals and other rice products.

Best rice manufacturers in Kerala , provides high quality ,unadulterated rice which  are healthier for a balanced diet.