Best Rice Manufacturers In Kerala : How To Know Quality?
rice companies in kottayam

For the people of Kerala ,not only in case of apparels and electronic gadgets they look for a quality brand but also in choosing best rice manufacturers in Kerala they are keen on selecting top rice brands. Mostly Eastern and southern states of India have rice as their staple food.

Most Popular Rice Varieties in South India

  • Polished White Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Palakkadan Matta Rice
  • Biryani/Basmati Rice
  • Black Rice(Kavuni Arisi)

How to know the quality is an important factor in choosing  the best rice brand in Kerala? Here are some of the tips to check the quality of rice.

How to Know Rice Quality?

The quality of a rice brand can be determined both by the physical and chemical properties of rice grains.

  1. Length ,width and uniformity of rice
  2. Head Rice Yield
  3. Whiteness and translucence
  4. Chalks and Cracks
  5. Flavor and Aroma
  6. Texture of cooked rice
  7. Amylose content,viscosity
  8. Gelatinisation Temperature

Firmness and stickiness are the influencing factor for selecting quality rice brand. The amylose content determines the rice firmness and stickiness. Chalks and cracks decrease the cooking quality of grain. Rice with low gelatinisation temperature cooks to be a softer texture.

Best sorted rice sellers in India, ensure no foreign materials,stones ,dirt and other moisture content with packed grains. Always choose the best rice you feel good.