Rice Grain Art : World Of Rare Micro Artistic Skills
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“Every grain of rice has the name on it, of the person who is going to eat“ is a popular quote, but how beautiful to paint your names on the small rice grain.

Rice manufacturers in Kerala say rice grain art is so popular micro artistic platform where many talented artists exhibit their skills, drawing and painting scripts and images wonderfully.

Rice Writing : Art and Attention

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The art of rice writing was originated in Turkey and India. The skilled miniature artists in these regions decided to convert their skills in scripting on smallest rice grains.

People believed that rice art brings prosperity which forces them to buy  good luck pendants, bracelets and cell phone charms depicting rice art. 

Rice artists say that the biggest hurdle initially is to prevent the trembling hands, you have to pluck the small rice grain and hold it between  two ends of plucker. 

Then write letters or art with focussed attention using fine pointed brush. Rice grains are white in colour, so mostly black acrylic paints are used for scripting and drawing.

Famous Rice Grain Arts

  • The worlds smallest painting on a grain of rice by Vladimir Aniskin
  • He recreated asian landmarks like the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China on rice grain
  • The Pringles Rice fusion rice art is one of the kinds
  • There are many Indian rice grain artists who draw IPL Trophy and other legends on the smallest canvas of the world
  • Microscope or magnifying glass is used to observe the rice grain art in detail
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The rice companies In Kerala point out that Inakadate village of Japan is famous for rice production. Inorder to increase the tourism in that small village, they create rice art on paddy fields creating large images by strategically planting different varieties of rice.

The entire process takes upto three months. Best rice brands in Kerala believes that  rice grain art and rice art on paddy fields are the best way to popularise interest of people to rice market which is badly affected by the recent floods.

The international attention and agricultural tourism can revive the rice farmers distress by establishing a  prosperous agricultural business sector in the God’s own country.