Pepper Powder : Prepare Tasty Indian Recipes
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Black Pepper is something inevitable for preparing spicy Indian Recipes. In the medieval period most valuable items were referred by French, using the saying ”As Dear as Pepper”.

History and origin of Pepper dated back to BC, in the Epic Mahabharata also there were mentioning of feasts which included meat flavored with black pepper.

The origin of Pepper is believed to be from western Ghats Area of Kerala in India.  The hot,pungent,woody and sharp taste of black pepper keeps food menus mouthwatering and better preserved for more days.

You can buy natural black pepper powder from Kerala Spice markets where a wide variety and grades of black pepper is available.

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Unknown Uses Of Black Pepper Powder

  • Face Scrub : Make  homemade face scrub by mixing together a cup of sugar, half a cup of coconut or avocado oil, a few drops or orange essential oil and half a teaspoon of ground black pepper. Massage the mixture into your face and rinse with cool water.
  • Laundry : Simply sprinkle half a teaspoon of ground black pepper powder  in with your laundry, along with regular detergent . Run the washing machine as usual, and the pepper will drain away with the water. Pepper keep the colour of your clothes bright without fading.
  • Pest Control : Avoid the trouble of ants, snail or slug in the vegetable garden by sprinkling some pepper powder in the soil.

Black Pepper is very useful for digestion, gas and bloating problems etc.  Also pepper corns boiled in water along with basil leaves will relieve chest congestion and asthematic conditions.

Malabar Garbled and Tellicherry Extra Bold are the two celebrated spice varieties in Kerala. Pepper plays as one of the four spices in ‘Garam Masala’ which is the secret tasty powder for most of the Indian food dishes.

Have a good spicy food with pepper powder, the black gold of Kerala.