Turmeric Products In India : Curry Powder To Tasty Chocolates

Halidi or Turmeric in India is recognized as a sacred spice for beauty , health and spiritual properties.  

Turmeric powder

We all know the benefits of Turmeric powder as a common cooking recipe ingredients, but the best masala manufacturers in India shares the new information that turmeric powder can be used from curry powder to tasty chocolates.

Turmeric Golden Milk

Veg Turmeric Chips

Immune Refresher Juice

Turmeric Crackers

Turmeric Chocolate Clusters

Turmeric blend Tea and food bars

In India Turmeric golden milk is considered as a home remedy against cold , because of  immune boosting property of curcumin found in Turmeric.  

Turmeric chips are completely vegan and gluten free products looks like normal packet food but they are very healthy and tasty.

A blend of turmeric , Carrot and Orange Juice is considered as an immune refresher Juice and a health drink.

Tasty Turmeric cracker contains a blend of stone – ground white corn and lentils. Coconut Turmeric Chocolate cluster is another interesting product of Turmeric.

Organic turmeric tea blended with other flavours and food bars are the other unique turmeric products you may not have heard.

Let’s have a good time to try all this new turmeric products along with curry powder.