Wheat Production Companies : Know Famous Wheat Brands
Best wheat flour brand in india

Do you know which are the famous wheat brands in India? Or In which state  wheat is produced largely?

In India Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of wheat, Punjab , Haryana and Madhya Pradesh follows UP in wheat production.  Wheat production companies in India produce different popular brands according to their quality and demand.

Wheat is mostly consumed by Northern and Northwestern states of India. As the second largest populous country in the world India is the largest producer and consumer of wheat.

Wheat flour mills in kerala

Wheat Types Produced In India

Mainly three varieties of wheats are grown in India. Even though UP is the largest wheat producer, Punjab tops in wheat productivity with 4491 Kg  per hectare.

  1. T.aestivum or Bread wheat : Most commonly grown wheat
  2. T.durum or  Macaroni/Pasta wheat : Grown in MP, Maharashtra,Punjab and Rajasthan
  3. T.dicoccum or Emmer: Very less compared to other varieties

Balanced Food Brand

Rich in Protein, Vitamin and Carbohydrates wheat provides a balanced diet to millions of people in India. Wheat crop cultivation in India has a long history of 5000 years  from the Mohenjo Daro civilization period onwards. 

Currently with a production of 87 million tonnes, India is the second largest producer of wheat in the world after China.

Flour, Bread and Semolina are the byproducts of wheat. Wheat flour is a good source of fibre and semolina is the end product  from the milling of durum wheat. 

High quality durum semolina is used for making pasta like spaghetti.

Ashirvad, Lakshmi Bhog, Pillsbury, Pathanjali ,Rani are some of the famous wheat brands in India.